is a unified python client providing an easy-to-use wrapper for accessing any BioThings API (e.g. MyGene.Info, MyVariant.Info, MyChem.Info). It is the descendent and eventual replacement of both the and python clients.


Python >=2.7 (including python3)

(Python 2.6 might still work, but is not supported any more since v0.2.0)

requests (install using pip install requests)

Optional dependencies

  • pandas (install using pip install pandas) is required for returning a list of objects as DataFrame.

  • requests-cache (install using pip install requests-cache) is required to use the local data caching function.


Option 1

Install directly from pip:

pip install biothings_client
Option 2

download/extract the source code and run:

python install
Option 3

install the latest code directly from the repository:

pip install -e git+

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